Weight Loss and Nutritional Wellness

Our team wants to help you with your Nutritional Wellness goals. We have several options for our patients. Whether the goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, increase energy or gain weight, we can help. Using some of our “tools” below, let’s build a plan together that keeps you feeling your very best!

Weekly vitamin injections that help boost energy and control cravings.

We proudly offer nutritional supplements that are available only through select physicans’ offices. All are specifically formulated to follow strict pharmaceutical standards.

ALCAT blood testing which detects your sensitivities to foods, additives, chemicals, and environmental exposures.  These sensitivities can cause havoc in your body – weight gain, migraines, difficulty losing weight, fatigue, etc. We offer traditional lab work as well, to screen for imbalances and deficiencies.

Individually designed food plan that addresses your challenges.

PowerVibe sessions – Whole body vibration (WBV) has been shown to have many health benefits including lowering cortisol, accelerating weight loss, increasing metabolism, and toning muscles.

21 Day Challenge Program– A great jump start! Ask more about this one!

Protein Power Surge Program – Lose weight and feel great!